Senco - Firefighter HelmetBachelor thesis project from Viola Wyss and Christina Fiechter

Bad sight and communication increase the danger for fire fighters and the persons who are seeking help. Thanks to augmented reality, fire fighters are able to work faster, more safely and efficiently. We developed a modular firefighter helmet based on the AR-technology. The basic module, which consists of an integrated radio and white LED spotlight, can be upgraded with an augmented reality respirator mask or augmented reality glasses. Sensors, processor, energy source and display come as a full package that is reversibly connected to the helmet with a plug-in. Digital data, like thermal images, mapping and other important information can be monitored through the see-through display, which enables hands-free handling and an optimal overview of the situation. The minimalistic interface design of the augmented reality can be integrated easily into the field of view without distracting its user. Navigation of the interface happens through eye-tracking. The head of operations can use a tablet to send building plans, car plans, hazardous good information or other digital data to the augmented reality systems. The helmet is considered as personal protective equipment, while the additional modules are common property of the fire department. It was important to create a visualization of how we would see the digital informations through the glass. We created a whole icon- language to reach simplicity and usability.