Teamoon - A tea capsule mashine

Teamoon is a redesign of currently available tea capsule machines which are, however, all similar to coffee capsule machines. Teamoon gives the capsule machine a new image. While all tea capsule machines that are available on the market are similar to coffee machines, a design language specifically for tea capsule machines does not exist yet. The challenge was to improve the design of the tea capsule machine on both a formal-aesthetical level and a pragmatic level.

Teamoon is very much inspired by minimal architecture and its clear and reduced design language as well as natural materials and pottery. Thanks to the pure, timeless and slim appearance, Teamoon fits perfectly in every room and takes up little space. If the machine is turned on, the ceramic front panel moves upwards. Then the drip plate comes forward where a cup can be placed. Simultaneously, the brewing cylinder tilts out and a port appears, in which the tea capsule is inserted.

The machine instantly recognizes the type of tea and calculates the ideal brewing time. The user can regulate the brewing time as well as the amount of tea via touchscreen operation. Additionally, preferences can be saved by pressing the like button, which is linked to the smartphone. After the start button has been pressed the cylinder tilts back and the brewing unit moves forward, piercing the capsule. The classical capsule machine brewing process now begins. The tea is collected in the cylinder. Is the brewing process over the cylinder tilts out, a valve opens and the tea pours out. Through the tilt movement the capsule falls down into the capsule container. If the machine is turned off the cleaning process starts automatically.

This project grew out of collaboration with Halima Hassan

Halima Hassan